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Article Review Template

Not sure where to begin with your article review format? The assignment is one that students might not be as familiar with as a standard essay, so an article review sample can answer questions you may have and give you a start in the right direction.

Our writers can provide an excellent article critique outline based on your specific needs and the details of your assignment.

Read more below about following a successful article review template, or order an article review and let us show you how it’s done.



Template of Article Review


If your professor has asked that you review a journal article, rest assured that there are many resources that you can turn to for help. The article review format should follow established guidelines, which ensures that you have a solid starting point.

The standard article review template dictates the elements to be included, beginning with the title. Note the title of the journal article to be reviewed, the author(s), the name of the journal, and publication information such as the date, volume and issue, page numbers and publishing organization.

The article critique outline also must include a short introduction and overview of the article. Here is another area where an article review sample can be a valuable tool for novices to the genre. You can see in black and white how experienced writers introduce the topic and sum up the original journal article.

You now are at the point where you can begin to introduce your ideas, within the analysis section of the article review format. What contributions does the article make to the field, and what are the implications for further study? Discuss whether you agree with the article or if you believe there are flaws in the research or conclusions. Be sure to include a brief conclusion to reiterate and sum up your opinions.

By following an article review template or standard article critique outline, you can become familiar with the style of academic writing and ensure that you have included all the required elements for your assignment.



How Can We Help?


For some students, writing is a struggle, and for others, the issue is a lack of time. In any case, EssayOnLiterature.com can provide a custom article review sample made just for you. Our professional writers follow the accepted article review template to provide clients with high-quality academic papers.

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