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Essay on Fiction Novel

1. What is a Fiction Novel
While a good fiction novel caters to various elements, including setting and theme, characterization is at the heart of every powerful plot. Stereotypical characters are easy to craft, but they often seem flat and guide the events of the story down a boring and predictable path. Well-crafted fiction stories feature complex characters with unique yet relatable traits and internal conflicts. As the main characters come into conflict with themselves and each other, the story comes to life and holds the attention of even casual readers. However, only readers who fully engage the text will get the most out the intriguing plot and character depth.

2. Analysis of a Fiction Novel
Powerful works of literature have more to offer than just colourful characters and suspenseful events and conflicts. A story contains meanings that the author may or may not have intentionally tried to convey. Through fiction analysis, the reader attempts to interpret those meanings through close examination of the story elements.
In some cases, a fictional piece may be easy to interpret; perhaps, the author has given readers a hand by making the story’s meaning evident. These “user-friendly” works of literature leave little room for debate when it comes to searching for a meaning or moral. However, not literary pieces are so easily interpreted. Some works of literature pose a challenge for readers. Sometimes literature offers multifaceted characters rather than heroes and villains with obvious motives and flaws. Sometimes the events of the story contain subtle twists and shifts in perspectives rather than following a simplistic structure and predictable course. In these cases, the meaning of a story can easily become obscured. When dealing with complex literature, questions will arise and debates will spark, as not all readers will immediately jump to the same conclusion. Only careful literary analysis can help readers to fully interpret the meaning behind the work of fiction. Even then, the true meaning may still be up for debate.

3. Topic for an Essay on a Fiction Novel

A thorough reading of the story will help you discern specific topics that appear throughout the literary work. When dealing with more complex works, you may have to reread sections of the story multiple times before gaining a sufficient understanding of these topics. However, reoccurring elements, such as persistent imagery or phrases, patterns in character behaviour or frequently revisited events will make these topics easier to identify.
After identifying the various reoccurring subjects, determine which one seems to hold your interest the most. Alternatively, you can simply determine which one is accompanied by the most supporting evidence or has the best chances of leading to an organized and fully formed literature essay. Steer clear of subjects that you may lose interest in before the paper is finished, or essay topics that don’t offer much in the way of evidence or supporting plot points.

4. Plot of Fiction Novels

Not all plots are entirely unique. Some contain similar elements, such as familiar settings, conventional character types and parallel plots. Stories like these form genres, or recognizable categories within the world of literature. For example, the science fiction genre typically revisits space-age settings and pits humans against familiar challenges, including hostile alien visitors or technological advances gone awry. On the other hand, detective stories often feature hard-boiled protagonists describing crime plagued streets through first-person perspectives. Other familiar genres include fantasy, western and horror stories. While it may be tempting to assign each work of fiction to a particular genre, stories often fit into more than one category.
In addition to genre, fiction literature will differ according to a number of other aspects. For example, point of view will dictate whether the events of the story are told through the eyes of a specific character – presenting personal opinions and biases – or through the observations of a detached yet omniscient narrator. Each point of view comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages in terms of conveying the story. For example, a story told in first person may feature an unreliable narrator, but that same narrator may pull the reader in closer for a more intimate look at the events of the story.

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